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John A. Seifrick

Jack Seifrick was appointed to the Company’s Board as a Class III director on April 15, 2022. Mr. Seifrick is Chairman of the Science & Marketing Committee. He also serves on the Associate Compliance Subcommittee, along with the Audit, Compensation, and Science & Marketing Committees. Mr. Seifrick is an experienced senior manager and leader in the industry with over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and key organizer of businesses with expertise in accounting, finance, and general and executive management. Mr. Seifrick is the Co-Founder and current President/General Manager of CAST Wines located in Geyserville, CA, founded in 2012. He recently served as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pioneer Bank SSB in Austin, TX, which he co-founded in 2007 and recently sold. He was also on the Director’s Loan Committee and ALCO Committee at Pioneer, and was the prior Chair of the Compensation Committee. Mr. Seifrick began as a Texas CPA in 1984 for Arthur Anderson & Company in Houston, TX and advanced to Audit Senior in the Finance and Real Estate Division. From 1986-1990, he served as Corporate Controller for Kitchens of the Oceans in Deerfield Beach, FL. From 1990-2002, Mr. Seifrick was the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of The Amend Group in Dallas, TX. He was a partner and advisor at Paul Duesing Partners, an architectural design firm in Dallas, TX from 2002-2004 and 2006-2011. Mr. Seifrick was the lead organizing founder and Chairman of the Board of Professional Bank, NA in Dallas, TX from 2002-2010. He served as a Board Member for Senior Living Properties in Bedford, TX, a consultant for nationwide debt facilities, and was on the Board of the non-profits YMCA of East Dallas and Wine Road of Sonoma County. Mr. Seifrick obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude, and with Distinction in Accounting in 1982 from The Ohio State University and a Master’s in Business Administration focused on entrepreneurial management and real estate in 1986 from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.